Wax Removal

Ears Feeling Blocked Up? Hearing Deteriorated?

A build up of ear wax can lead to problems with your hearing which can be alleviated quickly and painlessly with our microsuction and irrigation ear cleaning treatments.

Using sophisticated micro-suction techniques, we can gently and painlessly remove ear wax and clean ear canals, often with instant and brilliant results. In many cases, no pre-treatment oil need be applied and we can usually carry out treatment at our regular clinics on the same-day that you book. Our techniques are safer and more comfortable than syringing, there’s no waiting list, and no lengthy period of applying oil into the ears.

What is earwax?

Earwax is probably something you would never think about, but it’s actually a very important element of your ear health. Essentially, earwax is an efficient selfcleaning service for your ears, and helps to protect the sensitive ear canal from things like bacteria and debris that can cause infections.

Produced naturally by glands in the ear canal, you’ll recognise earwax as any colour from yellow, to bright orange, to dark brown. Your body will normally produce enough earwax to maintain health on its own, but sometimes this wax can become hard and impacted, which can lead to problems like hearing loss, or discomfort.

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Asima Rafeeq - BSc RHAD

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