Hearing Aids

Hearing aids starting price £495

Struggling to hear people clearly, arguing over the volume of the TV? Avoiding going to places because it is too difficult to understand what people are saying? You are not alone, many people just like you have similar problems, it's not about the volume, it's about the clarity, and if people stopped damned mumbling you would be doing fine! Does that sound a bit familiar?

Being able to hear and communicate with ease makes a massive difference to our lives and our well-being, something that we do not realise until we have a problem. We believe that everyone should have the pleasure of hearing well and the benefits it brings to their lives.

Finding out what to do about it is when the problems start. You are faced with a load of technical gobbledygook that you need to try to decipher before you can make decisions. We think we can fix that problem.

Digital Hearing Aids

We pride ourselves on our vast range of affordable hearing aids. Our philosophy at Hear you is simple: We feel that the improvement in the quality of life hearing aids provide, should be easily and readily accessible to everyone at affordable prices. Until now, the average price of a privately purchased hearing device has approximately been a colossal £1,100. At hearyou.com you'll find an excellent range of high-quality digital hearing aids at 90% cheaper! Browse and shop on our web store for:

  • Behind the ear devices
  • In the ear models
  • Receiver in canal aids

Our digital hearing aids start from as little as £495. We know the true value of these digital hearing devices, and quite simply, we've removed many of the larger costs associated with buying hearing aids privately and passed those savings directly on to you.

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Asima Rafeeq - BSc RHAD

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